alpha blondy - religion

"Your grandmother brought you up. What kind of RELIGION did she have?"

"My grandmother was a believer. And God was her religion."

"So she was a Christian or a Moslem... ?"

"That's the answer! God was her religion. I cannot say that she was Moslem, Christian. She believes in God. Anybody who respects God she respects him. She respects the Christians, she respects the Muslims. She respects God. That's why God is my religion."

"So you sing: "God is one?"

"Oh, yes! Definetly!"

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But people believe in DIFFERENT RELIGIONS ?

"All the believes are the same. God gives me eyes to see him. God gives me ears to hear him. Anybody that I see he's God. I do not believe in human being. Human being have too many problems. Human being is not perfect. But when I look at the so called human being as God then it's so sweet to look at somebody. I don't have the concept of man in my brain. I'm trying to erase the concept of man. Because man this is God! So when I look at you as God, I learn to respect you, I learn to discover you,- then there's no problem."

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