. The African Courier, No. 7/8, 1998
über Classical Reggae Interviews

Classical Reggae Interviews

The Reggae Music as an entertainment vehicle could be said to have a dual carriage motive: First, its primary force as a mediative object, secondly its function as a motive force through dance. Both passages, eventually lead to the same terrain of ecstasy: IRIE !

However, there are people who are only superficially attracted to the whole reggae scenario, accepting it only as a kind of „hot-jump-session" and a dread-lock-fashion freak. There are others, too, who are more tuned into its song values; the magnetic rhythmic patterns, the perfectly coded, coiled and sliced up tunes. Only a few, perhaps, are chanced to get tranced into its prophetic and mystic voices.

Fortenately today, the suspiciuos veil hovering over the Rastaman and his music has been torn apart, into the yawning distance. As a result, the Reggae song nowadays, is no more branded only as the Black Resistance politics or the Back-to-Zion movement but essentially as serving as a potent medium of harnessing and harmonizing global cultures into one cord: universal oneness and awareness.

Notwithstanding these positive goals, they are some shortcomings the sum total of which relates to conveying coherently the Rastaman´s message and mission to his audience. The Rastaman´s Lyrics, conceived and delivered in the typical fast tempo Jamaican pidgin English, more often than not render his message obscure to a cross section of his audience.

The Classical Reggae Interviews (CRI) initiated by Klaus Ludes at the University of Siegen, here in Germany, is therefore a cultural project with aims of conveying and amplifying the reggae message as an authentic spiritual voice, presenting the reggae vehicle as a positive conscientization instrument and as the Rastaman´s contribution to the cultural heritage of mankind. „The Classical Reggae Interviews homepage in internet is non-commercial and efforts are underway to secure an continual interview programming" reassures Mr. Ludes, its editor. The African Courier is a partner of Classical Reggae Interviews.

All glories to Mr. Klaus Ludes and his CRI team. Thomas Junkersfeld (Co-designer of the homepage and photographs), Sonja Schneider (editorial assistance and translations) and Mr. Götz Ludes (photographs and technical assistance) for the grand service to reggae fans. All glories to the company C.I.P. Beratungsgesellschaft mbH in Siegen for the sponsorship of this important project in internet.

CRI can be accessed in internet at this address: http://cri.cipnet.de

Dr. Lebene Attipoe