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Ras Owen Sinvula, Katutura Community Radio, Namibia
Ya Rasta Klaus,

Been long time ago I never wrote back fi you mi Euro bro. How's tings gwaan down there? Fine here! Rasta man gwaan stick to dem words of wisdom. Yes it's true I am willing to help report for the liberty project.

I've been away for three months and had never a chance of writing back via the net. In fact only a few places in Namibia are connected to the internet.

I am also still looking for promotional material for my progam and I think it will be wise for me to get interview tapes from you.

I won a grant to broadcast your project on our country's national radio (after I had talked & read your press report). You might as well remember that my radio station doesn't cover for the whole country, while the national broadcaster covers the rest of Southern Africa!

Please, send interviews and any kind of material to following address:
Ras Owen Sinvula
Po.box 62216

Much love and big respect! Seen?
One universal love

Ras Owen