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Mark Elbing, Web-Designer, USA
(10/29/97 11:10:23 AM MEZ)

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you for the outstanding work you have done on the Interview page. The page is very exciting! Your choice of subject matter brings focus right to the crux of the some of the most important issues facing humanity in these times of mass confusion. A big 'thumbs up' to all those involved in this project.

The 'feel' of the page gives me strong positive vibes. I like the entire package right down to the last detail, the stage lighting, the jpgs, the text (very clean and legible, highly professional), the sound quality is much better than I expected for such fast download times (I'm cutting your suggested download times in half), and to top it off I love the Marley marquee scrolling lyrics across the bottom of the pages, I can hear the songs play in my head as I'm waiting on sound clip downloads.

I can't forget to mention your choice of representative artists: your're right on target there buddy! King Yellow, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, all I can say is WOW!!! That's some powerful good stuff there, man.

Thanks so much for all you are doing!!! I'm now a Klaus Ludes fan as well, and I look forward with eager anticipation of upcoming additions to your site.

Thank You!
Sincerely, Mark Elbing