alpha blondy - composing

"Alpha, HOW DO YOU COMPOSE new songs?"

"What you see on TV is teaching. What you hear from people is teaching. Everything around you is teaching you, is giving you something. When I have an inspiration I take my microphone and my walkman and I put the words I don't wanna forget, you know... ."

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Do you get the melody or the lyrics first?

"It depends. Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes it's the melody. Anything that comes first,- if I don't wanna forget it - I just put it on the microphone. Or I take my pen and a piece of paper and write it..."

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Alpha Blondy with glasses.
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"I don't play an instrument really. But my keyboard player is always around. You know, when I need him I call him. So he comes I play it for him and he plays it. I always find the lyrics and the bass line. And I sometime give the style of drum I want in it. So when all the guys get together, we have all junction together, then we record it and we give one cassette to the arranger. O.K., sometimes I tell him what kind of arrangement I would like. I like this kind of horns, I like this fast or slow."

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Alpha Blondy:"All the beliefs are the same!"
Alpha Blondy:"Life is an act of eternal love!"
Alpha Blondy:"I'm an Interplanetarian!"
Bob Marley:
Alpha Blondy:"Bob Marley's music is a big prayer!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't play an instrument really!"
Women's Liberation and EXCISION:
Alpha Blondy:"Nobody can control the woman!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't judge!"

Alpha Blondy's fax from Africa: "Thank you for this homepage!"