Alpha Blondy.
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"What are the MAIN MESSAGES of your music?"

"Life is an act of love. Life is an act of eternal love. Let's try to deserve it. Let's try to cultivate the positive side of us,- because we are really one !"

" God..."

"God is one. WE ARE ONLY ONE ! When you see the newspapers these days,- or TV: Diana* proved that we are one: Everybody is crying! The big nigger is crying. The Deutsch-man is crying. The French-man is crying. The American is crying. The Zulu in the bush, crying. You know that is the proof that God is one. We're all living in a small village, small universal village. The universe is so big. The earth is this (showing with his fingers). From Adam and Eve this is a big family really. And that's my vision."

* ("Diana", the English princess, had died a few days before in a car accident)

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Alpha Blondy spreading his messages
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"So you feel like astronauts. When they see the earth is one from out of space."

"We musicians when we travel you come to Germany, your mum is not here, your father is not here. But you don't feel alone. People say "Hi Alpha", "Hey Alpha", I love this, you know. Wherever you move you realize that is love of the people. And you start to check the people in a different style. You don't see people anymore! You see one energy!"

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Alpha Blondy:"All the beliefs are the same!"
Alpha Blondy:"Life is an act of eternal love!"
Alpha Blondy:"I'm an Interplanetarian!"
Bob Marley:
Alpha Blondy:"Bob Marley's music is a big prayer!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't play an instrument really!"
Women's Liberation and EXCISION:
Alpha Blondy:"Nobody can control the woman!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't judge!"

Alpha Blondy's fax from Africa: "Thank you for this homepage!"