LKJ at the Irie-Festival, Germany, Dortmund
(Photos: Klaus Ludes)

1)Lovers and 2)a child at the
Bongo-Bongo-Sunsplash reggae festival, Germany (summer 1998).
(Photos: Klaus Ludes)

black and white relationship

"What must the Western World people or the white people change to have a good relationship to the people with black or brown skin?"
"I don't think it's simply a question of skin colour. I think it's a question of political power and of having equitable relations between nations states. The world we're living in right now the West dominates. There's still a domination of Third World Countries in terms of the economic structures which were left in the post colonial period and of course America dominates everybody else! She's a super power."
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"But what I think most nation states would want is to have equitable relations with other nation states rather than to exist in a situation of domination on the path of the strong against the weak."
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"I think also what Third World Countries would possibly want is equitable trade relations where those countries are payed a reasonable price for their raw materials. And that they don't have to pay slave wages to their workers, that they can pay them decent wages. And that the trade relations are more equitable. That means that Third World Countries can buy tractors and medicines from Europe at a decent price and also get a decent price for their coffee, for their bananas and for their gold and diamonds and for the rest of it..."
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"...and that the Western World doesn't keep making mischief like they do in Africa. A lot of termagore which is going on in Africa,- some of it is rooted in tribalism and old conflicts but a lot of it is stirred up by western powers who have their own agenda. You know, France, Belgium, United States of America, Britain. They have all made a lot of mischief in Africa and they're still making mischief in Africa!"
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"I think we all belong to the family of man. Our differences are cultural. And often these cultural differences are determined by our religion and also to do with the physical environment in which we live. In some parts of South America they might eat iguana, because that is what the environment provides. In some parts of Europe they might eat deer, because that is what the environment provides and so on. So I believe at end of the day we have more in common as human beings than we have differences and skin colours is only a superficiality."
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"So you gave me a political answer to my question. But if you compare the white people with the black people,- do you think there are special aspects which people must reconsider to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts between black and white people? An example: What must be reconsidered if a white marries a black?"
"I think that when there's interracial marriages there is always difficulties for both sides. Because there's sometimes resentment,- for example if it was a black and a white person. There might be resentments from some black people that the black person has married a white person and there will be resentments from the white people that the white person has married a black person. BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY LOVE TRANSCENDS RACE. LOVE TRANSCENDS CLASS. AND LOVE TRANSCENDS COLOUR."
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"Rastafari was an important antidote to 400 years of colonial brainwashing!"

"Love transcends race, colour and class..."

"I don't want to spread messages and I don't want to write love songs!"

"My worst personal experience of racism was when I was beaten..."

"Circumcision of women is a barbaric and backward thing!"

"The term 'Patois' is unhelpful!"

"Let's say it's the art of deconstruction."