alpha blondy - women's liberation and circumcision

"Alpha, what do you think about WOMEN'S LIBERATION in Europe and Africa?"

"I think that women are liberated since before you and me were born. Who give birth to man? It's Woman. Who taught us to talk? Woman. Nobody can control the women. They say in French, the woman is the "weak" sex, "le sex faible". It's not true. Because the sex that gives life is not weak at all! We have to protect them, because the job they do for creation is huge, is very, very important."

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"So, for example, what do you think about EXCISION?"

"I hate that! I've a song about that in my next album..."
" your next album?"
I hate that. Even my daughters,- you don't pierce their ear. You don't touch the physical autonomy of my daughter! When she will be adult she will decide if she wants to pierce here (pointing to various parts of his body) or here or here. That's her business. But now I'm the leader.

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I'm even against CIRCUMCISION of the baby! (excited) You don't have to cut the baby's dick. This is private property! He has to decide! People talk about excision. Excision is a crime. But circumcision is also a crime! I saw it, oh Klaus, Klaus, please,- it hurts!"

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Alpha Blondy:"All the beliefs are the same!"
Alpha Blondy:"Life is an act of eternal love!"
Alpha Blondy:"I'm an Interplanetarian!"
Bob Marley:
Alpha Blondy:"Bob Marley's music is a big prayer!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't play an instrument really!"
Women`s Liberation and EXCISION:
Alpha Blondy:"Nobody can control the woman!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't judge!"

Alpha Blondy's fax from Africa: "Thank you for this homepage!"