alpha blondy - nationalism

"In your songs you switch between many LANGUAGES (Like in "Jerusalem"). What's the reason for that?"

"It's my culture. It's what I call the culture of the 20th century. All the people of my generation they speak their language with some English words or some French words like "o.k.", "alright". It's a brand-new language to communicate with many people. When I'm in Germany I can talk and when I go I say o.k. "Dankeschön", I say o.k. "Auf Wiedersehen". You kow I learn that."

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"So you are not nationalist you are INTER-NATIONALIST?"

I'm Interplanetarian! (smiling) I think that the world is a big village and I have the privilege to be able to speak 3 languages and I love to use them. The first is Djula, here comes French, English, a little bit Arabic because I went to Arabic Koranic school and after I went to European school. So I have all those cultures in one head."

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Bob Marley:
Alpha Blondy:"Bob Marley's music is a big prayer!"
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Women's Liberation and EXCISION:
Alpha Blondy:"Nobody can control the woman!"
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Alpha Blondy's fax from Africa: "Thank you for this homepage!"