. The interview was recorded exclusively for "Classical Reggae Interviews" during Alpha Blondy's European Tour in 1997. It took place in his hotel room on 6th September 1997, right before his concert at the "Irie'97 - Festival" in Dortmund, Germany. (Alpha Blondy (left), Klaus Ludes (Classical Reggae Interviews, right)).

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Alpha Blondy:"All the beliefs are the same!"
Alpha Blondy:"Life is an act of eternal love!"
Alpha Blondy:"I'm an Interplanetarian!"
Bob Marley:
Alpha Blondy:"Bob Marley's music is a big prayer!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't play an instrument really!"
Women's Liberation and EXCISION:
Alpha Blondy:"Nobody can control the woman!"
Alpha Blondy:"I don't judge!"

Alpha Blondy's fax from Africa: "Thank you for this homepage!"


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