We produced an exclusive collection of photo-interviews with sounds of some of the world's famous reggae musicians. We want to give some insights about the background of Reggae music and Black History.

We dedicate this website to all strong and brave personalities all over the world, who try to improve the world a little bit by their steady and peaceful work.

"One love, one heart! Let's get together and feel alright." (Bob Marley).

SAD & PROUD: BBC London took our Lucky Dube interview to create a touching report about Lucky Dube's death in October 18th 2007.

Interview with the mother of Bob Marley (Died in April 2008! [Born July 23, 1926])

Alpha Blondy Alpha Blondy interview:
"Let's try to cultivate the positive side of us,- because we are really one!"
(By CRI in September 1997 in Germany)

Lucky Dube Lucky Dube interview:
"I risked being shot by the government!"
(By CRI in July 1998 in Germany)

mutabaruka Mutabaruka interview:
"White supremacy affects all of us!"
(By CRI in February 1998 in Germany)

burning spear Burning Spear interview:
"So many things have to be clean up!"
(By CRI in July 1999 in Germany)

linton kwesi johnson Linton Kwesi Johnson interview:
"Rastafari was a very important movement and an antidote to 400 years of colonial brainwashing!"
(By CRI in September 1998 in Germany)

al anderson Al Anderson interview (Bob Marley and the Wailers):
"A lot of things have to be changed! Everywhere! From the most powerful countries to the least powerful countries!"
(By CRI in June 1998 in Germany)

earl wia lindo Earl Wia Lindo interview (Bob Marley and the Wailers):
"No other group could do that, because they were too materially focused. Their perception of the mind was limited!"
(By CRI in June 1998 in Germany)

Bob Marley

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